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ExposeBox delivers a smart growth marketing solution that allows its users to save time and money without the need to juggle multiple platforms and patched-up solutions.

My role

UX - UI - Product



ExposeBox dashboard
Challenge 01:
Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard

Omnichannel marketing is all about improving the user experience, through synchronized messaging across all channels - This way you optimize every interaction.

The Challenge was all about creating a Multi Dashboard with different hierarchies that would be able to present all the product marketing channels in 2 clicks.

Each of the vertical (Website statistics, Campaigns, Audience behavior, A/B tests, and insights) has a dashboard of itself

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Challenge 02:
Campaign editor

Explaining what is an omnichannel marketing campaign is quite a hard thing to do, and I'm not sure I understood it all the way through until this day.

In general, you need to define the various channels to distribute the campaign (Sites, emails, networks...). After that you need to define the campaign scope (who are the audiences, where to present it, the duration and time frames, the appearance in different platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet...)

and what are the targets and goals of this campaign(s)

and this is the interesting part...

you can divide each channel into different experiences so they would target better different audiences, and A/B test while through. 

after creating such a campaign the user can refine it with the help of the platform insights, and view the campaign statistics and behaviors in all channels.

All screens.png

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