The idea for the Fossil Project came from one of the dirtiest places in the industry: professional painting factories which regularly use polyurethane paint.


At the end of each day, these factories are left with many samples of colors that are no longer usable due to the fact they have been mixed with B component (the reacting material). I asked several paint shops to pour these unusable leftovers into specially-made molds.


After working on this project for two years, I got 4.5 kg of polyurethane chunks made up of thousands of layers that have attached to one another. Though extremely durable, this unique material reacts well to carving techniques.  


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Material testing in 2D

The color was sprayed onto MDF wood pallets, which were then used as raw material for furniture applications. 

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Material testing in 3D

CNC and laser-cutting machines were used to make 3D objects from the original chunks. As we researched how the various layers responded to various techniques, we realized that every incision made exposes the layers in a unique way. 


The process

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