Little bit about myself

I'm a freelance product designer - I do UX / UI and Product management

I expertise in B2B complex platforms, cybersecurity products, and aggregating data into functional dashboards. 

I have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the product development lifecycle from concept to implementation, and my services cover all the startups’ creative needs.

I always try to position and differentiate the product I’m working on above its competitors, and to find its uniqueness through simple user experience and cutting edge visual design. 

My work includes


Data gathering, brainstorming and product definition


Definition of user needs, personas, product goals and values


Concept creation, user flows, wireframing, and prototyping


Visual concepts, layouts, design system and company branding


Prioritisation, product requirements and delivery to Dev Teams 


Quantitive and qualitive usability testing, validation and GQA

Articles and publication
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Dashboards, and what are all of these numbers
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