Little bit about myself

I have worked in various roles: from product designer, UX expert and product manager. I have been involved in wide range projects including Cyber Security systems, big data Platforms, market places, atomization/QA tools, monitoring SOC, And a broad variety of dashboards.

I have a strong understanding of all aspects of the product development lifecycle. My work includes concept creation, prototyping user flow, visualizing data, feature prioritization and product specs, product strategy, requirements, UI design, A/B and usability testing.

These days I'm working as Head of Creative at OTORIO - cybersecurity company based in Tel Aviv. 

Born in 1982, husband & father, living and working in Tel Aviv. 

Little bit more...

I make the most vicious hamburgers


I’m the proud father of Sonya, a Husky-Wolf mix 


I own a huge collection of airplane instruction manuals,

I like to "borrow" them  


Hiking outdoor is my favorite pastime



I teach Product Design classes at Holon Institute of Technology


Articles and publication
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Dashboards, and what are all of these numbers
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