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Mall Security System


An operating system for malls and shopping center

My role




This system’s main user is a security control room operator, who must not only have a birds’ eye view of the entire mall, but must also be able to focus on any specific area at a moment’s notice. Effectively responding to potential safety hazards means knowing the precise location of a potential event and the nearest appropriate source of assistance -- fire alarms, fire extinguishers, security, cleaners, etc. 

At any given time, a control room operator must access a detailed map of the mall -- complete with locations of shops, sensors, staff, etc. -- while simultaneously maintaining easy access to mall-wide cameras. For this reason, this security system is conveniently designed to work on two screens.  

Left screen

The left-hand screen is the control screen. It offers a detailed map of the mall perimeter with its floors and quick action buttons: 


  • Shift summary 

  • Report an event  

  • Swipe beteen floors

  • Staff location

  • Send intervention

  • Manage all exits


Right screen

The right-hand screen acts as the system’s eyes, and provides the operator with a panoramic view of an entire space. The mall is divided into areas marked by blue numbers on the left screen. By tapping an area on the left-screen map, all nearby cameras automatically direct themselves to the specified location.


In the event of a non-stationary incident, such as a running shoplifter, the operator can easily direct security staff to chase, while following the target by switching cameras. 


Work flow - Fire in the food zone

1. Sound and visual notifications alert the control room operator

2.On the left-hand screen, the operator switches to the map of the second floor to better view the sensor     alert in Area 19, the food zone. 

3. By simply clicking on Area 19, all nearby cameras shift their focus to the area and present live images to the right-hand screen. 

4. The images on the right-hand screen help the operator to ensure that the notifications are not a false alarm. 

5. The operator checks on the location of security staff and the fire department.


6. The operator sends appropriate intervention. 

7. The operator opens all mall exits. 

8.  Once the event is under control, the operator can easily report the event (right into the system?). 

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