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Psychiatrist’s Couch is an app on which users can find an anonymous (and therefore objective) ear to listen to important secrets and confessions. The user can also view other members’ secrets, leave comments, send good karma, and initiate a conversation -- all without exposing more than their name and age.  



Home page

The user can view his last session of anonymous therapy, see if any friends are online, and receive any new messages left on his secrets by unknown members.

When the user shares something, he has the option of adding a scene, or background image, in order to help a therapist get a better understanding of the context and feeling behind the secret.

On the wall, the user can see the secrets of other online members, leave and read comments, send good karma, and invite another user for a 1-on-1 therapy session. The only personal information shared between users is name and age.  

The wall
Add scene

Adding a scene to your secret enables those viewing to know its context and/or mood.  

My sessions

The user can view his last sessions with his anonymous friends, or see if any of them are online or have continued a previous conversation.  

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