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The struggle with a lack of context, ineffective tools and even the skills to properly investigate are at the heart of the problem in security investigations. Once a potential incident has been identified, WireX quickly provides you the necessary intelligence to take action

My role

UX - UI - Product



From suspicion to facts in minutes
Challenge 01:
Collecting the data, and who need it

When we started working on the dashboard the team handled me with all the data they could collect, and asked to present it all on the dashboard. 

there were too many data types from different places with no connection or common diameter.

after consulting our users with what interests them, we find out that 30% of all data will be good enough for 80% or the users.

the rest 20% will be happy to pay a lot for the rest of the data.

we create a dashboard with tabs, that the user can add more data that interest him, and can hide it once he has no longer use this data.

that tabs layout also exposing the available data and if it's under the user license.

Challenge 02:

The challenge was to create a query mechanism, that will allow complex queries,

from different sources, and different point of interest

Challenge 03:
How to present the connections

Next Project:

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