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Confidential project


Although most of the startup materials and product UI details are confidential (including the name of the startup), I would like to share here an example of the assets topology mapping behavior.

My role




Group 25.png
Mapping specs:
Support huge environments
* more than 100k assets

Users have a need to understand the different environments within their organization, including the assets inside each environment, each asset’s entry point, and the connections to and from each asset.

This startup arose out of a need to present the topology of over 100k assets on a map, to allow users to navigate in and out of each environment, view all assets' connections, and have a clear understanding of how the different aspects of the topology communicate with each other. 

We based the behaviors of the map on the Cambridge Intelligence ReGraph product (

User needs: Understanding the entry points

Each asset within an organization and its systems can lead to various entry points. Inadequate end-point security can cause major issues for the organization’s  CISO, security operators, and other relevant personnel.

With the help of the topology map, users can easily isolate and view detailed information about each asset, identify whether the communication is secure, and also view information regarding possible entry points. 

Perspective App Screens Mock-Up copy.png

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