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Home control


The concept for smart home management

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Thanks to wi-fi and Bluetooth, home control is becoming more interactive and integrated with our smart devices. Unfortunately, most of today’s home control apps are complicated and have  the interface of a big remote control. But the easy-to-use SmartHouse gives the user slick and interactive control of his home from anywhere and any device. 

Rooms control

From the homepage, you can choose to manage a specific device or an entire room. Adjust the “mood” of a room for any number of activities, including eating dinner or watching a movie. 

Devices control

Adjust any electrical appliance from the screen. Simply slide the digital controls to reach the preferred level. There’s no need to press “OK” -- your selection is confirmed automatically. 

Adjusting moods

Preferred moods and settings can be saved and returned to easily. With the click of a button, all appliances are turned on and automatically adjusted according to your pre-programmed mode. 

Control any device with a three-step flow. At the end of each flow, Smart House detects the condition of its use and offers the user additional options accordingly. 

System flows
Shutters flow
Shower flow
Doors flow

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