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Zevel is a social cloud supported by a mobile application that allows users to view and share road hazards.  

My role




The app connects to a car’s dash camera via Bluetooth, and reports road and traffic hazards. 

Simply say “Zevel” and the voice recognition will initiate a 20 second video (10 seconds each before and after voice recognition) that captures hazards such as speeding, texting and driving, littering, wreckless driving, and more.


In Hebrew, “Zevel” is used as slang to describe a “shitty person.”

GPS track the location, and the app saves the car number for further use.

Shooting flow

Because most Zevel users are drivers, there is almost no need to tap or handle the tap while driving. Simply say “Zevel” and the application will open and begin recording. (The user will need to tap to indicate the hazardous vehicle). 

Uploading flow
Zevel Cloud

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